Stick to natural food is healthy
Raúl Paños Puerta and Ling Chen
1º Bachillerato
Sticking to natural food is healthy!

We are what we eat. Do you want to stay healthy? Then, eat healthy! Stick to natural food!

Raúl Puertas Paños and Ling Chen explain what fast food is, analyzing why this kind of food is not healthy at all and why we should avoid eating it.

But, why do we like fast food so much? Raúl and Ling will give us the keys to this situation, pointing out the reasons why fast food has become so popular among teenagers and why it is so adictive.

As opposed to Fast Food, they will also talk about Real Food, what it is and about RealFood movements associated with adolescents.

In addition, they will make use of new technologies, discovering an app called «MyRealFood». This app can be used to detect which products we should or should not include in our day-to-day.

Do you want to see how to use this app to check if a product can be considered healthy or not? Check out this video with Raúl and Ling in a real supermarket and let them help you to stick to natural food!

Raul Paños and Ling Chen will talk to us about the current FastFood & RealFood movements associated with adolescents.

And remember, WE ARE WHAT WE EAT!!! Eat healty, stay healthy!