There are many reasons why Russian president is invading and using extreme violence in Ukraine but I think he is doing it to show the world that he is a powerful man just because his country has nuclear weapons, that’s an extremely intelligent but brutal position. I wonder if other powerful leaders in the world knew he was a very dangerous person due to his personality and background, why did they allow him to come that far?

This violent aggression is not going to finish soon. This senseless massacre, in which atrocities are repeated every day, is going to try to weaken Ukraine but the monster never thought that President Zelensky was going to motivate and empower his civilians so I am amazed about how brave and reckless are Ukranians. Then I hope that the actors of the international community gather efforts to support those people and stop this disgusting war because none of us want to be involved in it, especially because we don’t want to fight for the economic interests of some rich people who want to kill innocents for power and money.